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Charting tools, information flow, and learning resources designed to help you make smarter, more informed decisions.

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Technical analysis simplified.

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⭐️ VIP Community

The CryptoStackers community Discord is designed to give you efficient access to people and information that can make a positive impact on your investing journey.

Efficient information flow is one of the single biggest edges you can have. By leveraging an entire community to source info and building automated information feeds, we stay on top of the market to avoid being left ‘out of the loop’.

👀 Alpha Feeds

Get the vital information you need to stay on top of your investments. Access Discord feeds curated from our own community and carefully selected Twitter profiles.

🔔 EZ Band Alerts

Get alerts when cryptocurrencies reach extremely oversold or overbought conditions. Take advantage of extreme circumstances to stack the odds in your favor.

📈 Trade Setups

Trade setups posted regularly including entry points, stop loss, take profits levels and trade analysis.

⭐️ Join 2500+ Members

Access a network 2500+ other crypto investors. Ask questions, learn from others, share alpha, and grow together.

CS Pro Tools Package

The CryptoStackers Pro Tools+ bundle includes 5 proprietary indicators that make technical analysis simple. Identify the strongest levels of support and resistance ahead of time with leading (not lagging) indicators.

Learn how to isolate and understand market incentives and make decisions with confidence, no longer second guessing yourself.

Conveniently access the indicators directly from your TradingView account after sign-up.

⚡️ Margin Pressure Levels

Margin pressure levels isolate leveraged trading incentives in the market to identify key support and resistance.

⚡️ Risk:Reward Levels

Risk reward levels identify key support and resistance based on risk/reward trading incentives in the market.

⚡️ EZ Bands

The EZBands visually show the nature of an asset in regards to being oversold or overbought compared to where the market has recently been pricing said asset.

⚡️ Hi-Lo Scalping Tool

The Hi-Lo trend line tool is an objective way of drawing trend lines to identify hidden pivot levels.



The CryptoStackers Mastermind is a private group for individuals who take active crypto investing seriously and are hungry to learn.

The group is limited to 200 spots and requires an interview to join.

You do not have to be a crypto expert to join. Beginners are welcome as long as we feel the group can adequately benefit them.

The interview is to make sure the group is a good fit for you and you’re a good fit for the group.

🧠 Weekly Meetings

The Mastermind group meets via Discord voice/video chat on Wednesdays at 5pm EST. Attendance and participation is encouraged but not mandatory.

👨‍💻 Meeting Recordings

For those who cannot attend meetings, recording are available in a video repository.

📚 20+ Video Investment Course

Over 20 videos covering 3 modules on everything I know about crypto. Topics include

🚀 Everything Else

The Mastermind group members receive access to the VIP Community and the CryptoStackers Pro Tools Bundle. If you’ve already paid for these, the cost can be deducted from the price of the Mastermind.


Forrest Przybysz - Founder

Hello 👋 I’m Forrest, the creator of the indicators in the charting tools bundle and the founder of CryptoStackers.

It is my genuine hope that you will find the CryptoStackers community and tools to be an invaluable part of your investing journey.

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