Course Outline

Crypto Investing Blueprint

The harsh reality is that crypto is not a friendly place for the average retail investor. It’s the wild west. You won’t find your friendly neighborhood financial advisors here.

The deck is stacked against average retail investors like us.

Manipulation, insider trading, pump and dumps, high fees, memecoins, VC fund schemes, and outright scams. The market wants your money and it’s very skilled at getting it. It will chew you up and spit you out if you don’t know what to watch out for.

This course contains 20+ videos specifically created for retail investors. It covers everything I’ve learned as a retail crypto investor as well as behind the scenes skills learned as Head of Research for a large crypto company.

In this course you will learn dynamic approaches towards conducting fundamental analysis to evaluate projects. You will learn technical analysis, trading strategies, risk management, and most importantly, how to avoid losing it all.

Course Outline

Module 0: Welcome
  1. Welcome Video
  2. Before We Get Started: Start a Notion for note taking, copy template for trading and investing thesis, and research template.
  3. Tools Setup (optional): Preferred exchanges, security practices, Ledger, MetaMask, VPN, Twitter.
Module 1: Foundations
  1. Setting Goals, Consistency, Lifestyle (health + DISCIPLINE),
    1. If you don’t have discipline in other areas of your life, what makes you think you’ll be a disciplined investor?
    2. Successful investing habits & routines + seperation of capital
    3. Action items: Read the Bitcoin Whitepaper (discipline), Get notion if you haven’t already. Write down 3 tangible goals you want to achieve in 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. (profitable trading PnL, 3 successful investments, better understanding of tokenomics).
  2. Crypto Overview: (Technology)
    1. Tech Overview
    2. Growth opportunity (investment)
    3. Disruption
  3. Information Flow
    1. Twitter (Follow these people)
    2. Establish relationships (DM & provide value
    3. Discord
    4. Restrict excess, distracting flow
Module 2: Investing (Long-term)
  1. Catalysts & Cycles
  2. Macro
  3. Developing a Thesis
  4. Identifying Narratives (monitor vs predict)
    1. Privacy, Music NFTs, Historical NFTs, Layer 1s, DeFi, Gaming, Banking Infrastructure, Real Yield
    2. Get data (dune analytics) and become an expert on the narrative → Stepn → GMX → GNS → Terra Luna
  5. Evaluating Projects
    1. Tokenomics #1 MOST IMPORTANT (supply/value accrual)
    2. Utility (demand) → user base (get real data)
    3. Team
    4. Community
    5. Partnerships
    6. Staying power (Fad or not?)
    7. Backers (VCs) Muscle / Leadership
    8. Example: Stepn

  6. Technical Analysis for Long-term Investing EZ Bands
  7. Technical Analysis for Narratives
Module 3: Trading/Technical Analysis
  1. Price Action (candles) → Anomalies reveal supply and demand zones
  2. Reversals vs Trend Continuation vs Break Outs
  3. MPLs
  4. R:R Levels
  5. Stop losses (volatility)
  6. Leverage & How it Works

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This course is expensive. Similar to the Mastermind group, it’s not for everyone, and that is part of the reason I conduct interviews before people can even join the Mastermind group.

For some, the money spent on this course will be minuscule in comparison the impact it has on one’s investing career compounded over time.

I firmly believe the knowledge in this course is extremely valuable, however, the value derived from it will depend on you. If you are simply dabbling in crypto with small amounts of time and money, this isn’t for you.

If you plan to allocate significant amounts of your time and capital to crypto, I have no doubt this course will pay for itself many times over.

- Forrest


Course Instructor: Forrest Przybysz

→ Founder of CryptoStackers

→ Former Head of Research at Token Metrics

→ In crypto since 2016.